#CILDC Day 2: Tweeting & Library Innovation

123775596_d9e95a1168This week I’m at the Computers In Libraries conference (#CILDC) in Washington D.C. Yesterday I tried my hand at live-blogging a few CIL sessions. Today, to give my sore, typed-out hands a break, I’ve left the laptop at home and I’m sticking to tweeting.

I kicked off the morning with a Sunrise Session moderated by Jill Hurst-Wahl with innovative library ideas contributed by James King and Heather Braum.

We tweeted innovative ideas using the hashtag #CILSUN (get it? CIL SUNrise?) and will continue to do so throughout the day. Join us!



Follow Mia on Twitter: @MiaBreitkopf.

Read live-blog notes from #CILDC:

Michael Edson, Collaboration between libraries, museums on a large scale >

To Flip Or Not To Flip? Flipped Learning >

The Seven Deadly Sins of Library Websites >


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