Day 4 #hlsditl: Meeting Princesses, Blogging & A Reference Shift

Day four of Hack Library School’s Day in the Life project (follow on Twitter at #hlsditl).

At this mid-point in the semester, I know I can’t be the only Syracuse University School of Information Studies (iSchool) student who’s too busy to tweet and blog. The past 36 hours have been crammed with meetings, coursework, and work-work. Not to mention sleep and eating.

Yesterday, though, I had the chance to meet some wonderful women from Saudi Arabia, including some princesses. The iSchool signed an agreement yesterday with leaders from Effat University, a women’s university in Saudi Arabia, and  Princess Loulwah Al Faisial, a Trustee Leader of the University, along with her daughter and niece, were here in the iSchool for the signing ceremony. Along with a few other female iSchool students, I chatted with the visitors and shared a little bit about my student experiences.

Here are the major things I did yesterday:

  • Reference desk shift for my academic internship, which was busy because it’s midterms.
  • Met the princesses
  • Went to work for iSchool graduate admissions. Got a chance to meet a prospective student and give her a tour of the iSchool.
  • Attended an online “town hall” meeting for my LIS program
  • Met with my co-teaching partner to prep for teaching an undergrad writing class for my internship

And, today I’ve been up to this:

  • I taught an undergrad writing class how to librarian each other and themselves (that is, how to find sources for their upcoming writing assignment).
  • Went to work for iSchool graduate admissions. Today I had the pleasure of meeting a newly admitted student and his friend, a just-retired librarian. Gave them a tour and had a great time chatting about librarianship issues.
  • I’m getting ready to take the bus home and meet some fellow librarianship students for happy hour!
  • Tonight: some award nomination paperwork, buying my nephew a birthday gift, and packing for a long weekend trip to visit family.

Last week I had an awesome time facilitating an unconference. Three fellow students and I had been planning the event since September, and we finally got to see it happen. Earlier this week I wrote a blog post about the unconference, Spaces + Places, for Information Space, the official blog of the iSchool, and it went live today. I loved planning and facilitating the unconference. It was hard work and my team of student co-planners and I learned a ton. I think every librarianship student interested in working in community engagement should plan one! I plan to blog soon about the whole experience.

Image by Jaena Cabrera.


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