Day 2 #hlsditl Project

Look! The sun is shining today at Syracuse University!

Look! The sun is shining today at Syracuse University!

Day two of Hack Library School’s Day in the Life project (follow on Twitter at #hlsditl). Today I’m grateful for friends and friendly colleagues who boost my confidence and remind me I’m not the only person transitioning from grad school to the working world.

Thinking About Big Picture Stuff Today
I’m currently doing an internship at an academic library, and I’ve spent the last few months thinking only about academic librarianship. I’ve read about college libraries, visited university libraries, subscribed to the ili-l listserv, and have generally tried to immerse myself in the academic library ethos. I graduate with my M.S. Library and Information Science degree this May, and my 3-credit internship is my last course, so it’s my only academic focus right now. It’s been a luxury to dive straight into the experience with blinders on. Now that I’m getting ready to surface, almost done with my internship, I’m ready to think about the bigger picture again.

Post-Library-School Job Search Advice
This morning a librarian angel took a few minutes to talk with me about becoming a new librarian in an informational interview. Our conversation reminded me how excited I can feel about public librarianship. I’m not really in a position to choose between academic and public librarianship at the moment. I’m applying to all sorts of jobs and hope to get just one.

Here are a few gems of wisdom the Librarian Angel (she really does deserve initial caps, I’ve decided) offered me:

  • Now is the time to get into the library business to try to change it.
  • Remember that the job you’re looking for right after library school won’t be your forever job.
  • Right out of library school, look for a job where you’ll get mentoring and have training opportunities so you can build your skills. Look for a place where you can hit the ground running, get some good experience, and see how it all fits together.
  • Use ALA to network and kickstart your career. Go to Annual and just show up, meet people, and just kind of get in everyone’s faces.

Today’s Schedule:

  • internship logistical planning and lesson planning for undergraduate writing course I’m teaching this week
  • informational interview with Librarian Angel
  • meeting with my program’s director, over lunch
  • check in on #hlsditl and #slatalk
  • maintain my general email workflow
  • work for my LIS program’s recruitment (email new students, set up new student visits, event planning, and meetings)
  • enjoy the company of a friend who’s coming to dinner

3 thoughts on “Day 2 #hlsditl Project

  1. That’s good advice from your Librarian Angel – I wish all library students could have one :-). I’m jealous that part of your course is an internship for credit, we don’t have that at all (Sheffield, UK). It sounds like a really good idea. Good luck with job hunting!

    • Thanks for reading! Yes, it is so great to talk to someone in the field who’s able to offer encouraging advice. I’ll have to remember that in a few years when I have some wisdom to offer, myself.

  2. I have a great convo with my high school host librarian yesterday, and we went through some of the “what should I know going into this in just a few months stuff?!”. She was a really great sounding board and kind of my Librarian Angel this past month. Looking forward to day 3! 🙂

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