Library Student Day in the Life Project #hlsditl

Me, with a case of the Mondays, in the Syracuse University Library learning commons cafe.

Me, with a case of the Mondays, in the Syracuse University Library learning commons cafe.

This week I’m participating in Hack Library School’s Library Student Day in the Life project. Library students all over the world have signed up to share their daily experiences March 4–8. I’ll be tweeting my goings on from @miabreitkopf with the official hashtag, #hlsditl, and blogging here a bit, too.

Why I’m doing #HLSDITL
One of the reasons I decided to participate in #hlsditl is to force myself to spend some time reflecting on my experiences since I decided to change careers and enroll in a librarianship grad program.

One day, just over two years ago, I found myself at the Philly Rittenhouse Barnes & Noble on my lunch break, standing in front of the careers section. I pulled a career-change workbook off the shelf, paid for it, and spent the next couple of weeks making my way through it.

A former music teacher, I had been working for the past few years as an executive assistant at a fabulous organization, but I had recently started feeling the grad school itch. I had always planned to go to grad school. I was about to turn thirty, and I knew going to school could be my chance to change directions, to build on my music education and non-profit background.

I made my way through the workbook (this one, by the way) and it helped me define the sort of job I wanted, long-term. I realized I wanted a job that would…

  • allow me to work collaboratively
  • and indulge my curiosity/love of learning
  • in a workplace that valued collaboration, intellectual curiosity, and innovation
  • and allow me to help other people.
  • And I would be up and around, not be stuck at a computer all day.

In my hunt for jobs that would satisfy the above requirements, I found librarian.

A couple of years later, here I am, living in Syracuse, about to graduate with my M.S. in Library and Information Science from Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies (iSchool).

Today’s Schedule:

  • learning commons internship meeting at Syracuse University Library
  • lesson planning for my internship
  • afternoon work on campus at my job for iSchool graduate recruitment
  • happy hour with a fellow library student
  • keeping up with email, updating my job search spreadsheet, and researching public librarianship issues for a personal project
  • cooking dinner and last night’s episode of Girls

3 thoughts on “Library Student Day in the Life Project #hlsditl

  1. Ok, now that I’ve seen this, I just love the parallels in our photos. 🙂 Mind would’ve been in color, but…the chapstick I found in my pocket this morning is apparently BRIGHT red and the Mac camera just had a knack for making me look like a harlot of sorts.

    Looking forward to stalking/tracking/reading about your life this week!

  2. I’m so simultaneously jealous of your day and excited about what you’re doing that I could scream! Also, by the way, I’m totally going to plan a family engagement unconference at my school this summer. Inspired by your other recent post.

    • Wow! What a fun comment! I plan to write a blog post soon sharing how we went through the unconference planning process. It was truly a long, long labor of love. Let me know when you do your unconference so I can read more about it!

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