Spaces + Places: An Unconference

Since September, I’ve been working with group of iSchool students to plan an idea exchange event. We’re pleased to announce an unconference that’s completely student-conceived and student-planned, and you’re invited!

You’re invited to:

Spaces + Places
an unconference about spaces, places, and communities

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013
In Conference Room 304ABC at Schine Student Center on the campus of Syracuse University
Join the conversation! RSVP today! 

About This Event
This unconference is the brain child of four iSchool Library and Information Science (LIS) graduate students, Stephanie PratoMatthew Gunby (M.S. LIS December ’12), Sarah Bratt, and me. It is being sponsored by the iSchool.

Come to Spaces + Places to talk about what community spaces are, can be, and should be. Come discuss what librarians, designers, and community leaders should expect out of their community gathering places. Let’s talk about how digital spaces echo, complement, and improve physical space. Let’s talk about virtual knowledge networks and renovating libraries and co-working spaces. You decide what we’ll talk about. Anyone interested in the topic is welcome.

Spaces + Places will be planned by the attendees. First thing in the morning, whoever’s there will work together to set the agenda. Anyone may sign up to facilitate a conversation on a topic of their choice, present an idea, or suggest a topic for conversation. The rest of the morning will be spent moving from session to session, engaging in discussions.

Lots of librarianship students and practicing library and information science professionals and scholars will be at Spaces + Places, so there will probably be a lot of discussion about library spaces and places. (Click here to see who’s RSVP’d so far.) Other likely discussion topics include the Third Place, spaces and the participatory movement, innovative uses of public and learning spaces, maker- and hacker-spaces, virtual knowledge networks, digital libraries and more.

What’s An Unconference?
Unconferences are meetings driven by the attendees. Spaces + Places embraces the spirit of an unconference—no keynotes, no registration fee, and whoever shows up decides what to talk about. Anyone at Spaces + Places may present on a topic or facilitate a discussion. Shaped and driven by its participants, an unconference brings together a community around a central issue or theme, inspiring attendees to solve problems, make connections, and invent new initiatives.

Why Attend?
Come to share ideas and bring them back to your organization. Come to network. Come to meet established and emerging thought leaders. RSVP now!  And please spread the word. The more attendees, the better the conversation.

Why An Unconference?
Unconferences are participatory, so everyone’s actively engaged in the event. An unconference can be designed to last any amount of time, from an hour or two to multiple days. Spaces + Places will last just a morning, but we hope the discussions will ripple out and affect the participants and their organizations for much longer.

Did I Mention You Should RSVP NOW?
Anyone is welcome, but please RSVP so we know how much coffee to order. Get thinking about spaces and places: check out a video we student planners made. Visit the Spaces + Places wiki to share thoughts and perspectives. There you’ll find registration information, the schedule, logistical info, and more.

It’s the people who come to an unconference that make the conversations great and worthwhile, so please consider sharing your voice and your perspective on February 26.

Follow on Twitter: @SpacesPlaces13 hashtag: #spacesplaces

Questions or suggestions? Visit the Spaces + Places wiki to contact us.

Note: This post was originally published on February 11, 2013 on Information Space, the official blog of Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies.


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