Bold Librarians Make Bold Libraries

I’ve been reading lately about some unorthodox library-type community-driven initiatives: the Little Free Libraries project, this interview with the creator of Get It Loud in Libraries which brings bands into UK libraries for all-ages gigs, and the pop-up libraries like the one at Occupy Wall Street. What do they all have in common?  A bold person or two experimenting with an idea that supports the work of the nearby community. When that bold person happens to be a librarian, a person who works to protect and provide access to information for all, interesting things can happen.

As I study for my librarianship degree on my way to becoming an information professional, especially at this busy point in the semester, it’s easy to get caught up in the classification evaluations and reference exercises and forget to examine the bigger picture. It’s important to remember what inspired me to go to library school in the first place. It’s the idea that I might be a bold experimenting librarian someday that gets me really excited.


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