Platforms for Creation

Reading The Atlas of New Librarianship has really gotten me thinking more about libraries as platforms that can be used by communities. Platforms for expression, connection, idea exchange, discourse, knowledge sharing, and creation.

Brooklyn-based 3rd Ward is one of the latest platforms I’ve read about. For a fee, anyone can participate in 3rd Ward’s offerings. It has workspace for artists and artisans of all types, holds classes, has a retail outlet, and has even experimented with a restaurant. From the website’s About page:

Got a project in mind? 3rd Ward is the place to start turning your ideas into living, breathing creations. Learn new skills, find new inspiration, become part of the community, and get to work.

Anyone–from professionals to hobbyists–can take classes or use our many workspaces, which include photo studios, a media lab/co-working space, jewelry studio, wood & metal shops, and more. Want to see our 30,000 square foot creative hub?

Best yet, it’s coming to Philadelphia!

I’m going to be on the lookout for examples of community-supported non-profit platforms for creation. Let me know if you’ve heard about any especially interesting ones!


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