Looking for a Big Payday After My MLIS, and It’s Terrifying

Image courtesy of hagerstenguy via Flickr.com.

I recently blogged about my curiosity about digital curation on the Syracuse University iSchool blog. One thing I neglected to mention was my absolute terror of computer-science-y classes. Does anyone else share this fear? I was a music major, people. A music education major. I once thought I’d be developing choral curriculum and directing high school musicals for my entire career. The idea of learning to develop and maintain databases gives me a tummy ache, but it also has me seeing dollar signs. I’m done with being a poor teacher. I want the big bucks. That’s why I’m in library school. Okay, not really, but I want a job after graduation, and if database-building and -managing skills (look at me, pretending I know what I’m talking about) will get me one, and maybe even set me firmly into the middle-class income bracket, computer science-y classes are the ones I’m going to take. The job lists I look at have me convinced: I’ll need this background if I want to be competitive in the job market.


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